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Shop from our huge selection of vehicles.
We have the best selection of quality used cars in the Kansas City Area. We'll help you find a car you love that fits your budget and needs. Not only can we help you find the perfect car but we can help you get pre-approved for a vehicle loan as well.
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SUVS have taken their spot as the most demanded vehicle type. CarSmart of Kansas City has the best variety and selection of all the most popular makes and modles of SUVS. We have SUVS that offer roomy cabin space, great fuel economy and all the engine power you love.
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In the market for a new truck? CarSmart of Kansas City always has a great selection of quality, pre-owned trucks. Apply today for a vehicle loan and see if a truck loan is the right fit for you.
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Vans a great choice for families as they are safe and reliable. We offer a wonder selection of quality, pre-owned vans from all the most popular makes and models. Wheather you need more cargo space or are looking for a great fuel efficent vehicle, a van is a great choice.
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Sports Cars
Looking for a vehicle that will turn heads? At CarSmart of Kansas City we have the vehicles you're veen searching for. If you're interested in speed, precision handling and becoming the talk of the town you should look no further and check out our great inventory of sports cars.
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Getting Approved is Simple
At CarSmart of Kansas City our goal is to help you get pre-approved for a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and budget.
Press the button below to start the pre-approval process. We make it quick and easy. Just fill out a few lines of information and we'll be able to show you your instant pre-approval amount and show you your credit score. There is no cost or obligation and you don't have to supply your social security number. We'll help you get the pre-approval you need, no matter your credit history and we'll help you find a vehicle that makes you happy.
Misconceptions About Auto Financing
Myth: My credit is bad. I won't be able to get pre-approved.
The Truth:
Your credit isn't a problem at CarSmart of Kansas City. We work with banks that will allow us to work with people, even in the worst of credit situations. We can help you get approved for a car, suv, truck or van. We have a constant flow of vehicles coming to the lot and with over 100's of vehicles, we are sure to have a vehicle that will fit your needs and budget. We are in the business of helping good people with bad credit. Start your pre-approval now and see how CarSmart of Kansas City is different.
Myth: I need to find a vehicle before I apply for financing.
The Truth:
You can get pre-approved before you find the vehicle you love! Getting pre-approved before visiting a dealership helps you see the whole picture. You'll know what you can afford and what price range to shop in. You'll shop more confidently and won't get your hopes up for something that might not be attainable. Getting approved first makes the car buying process less stressful.
Myth: It's smart to shop around for the best rate.
The Truth:
Doing your research is a good thing to do but shopping around for a great auto loan interest rate can sometimes have a negative impact on your credit score. At CarSmart our online pre-approval process doesn't require your social security number. This means getting pre-approved will make no impact on your credit score. You will only need to provide us with the most basic of information. To protect your privacy we have you confirm your last 4 digits of your SSN. This keeps family members or nosey neighbors from finding out your important credit information. Don't fall for other dealership's tactics. We care about you, your credit and your privacy.
Myth: Since my credit isn't great, I'll only be able to purchase a old, outdated vehicle.
The Truth:
CarSmart of Kansas City specializes in vehicles 1-3 years old. You get the new car feel without the new car price tag. When you buy nearly new you get the same benefits associated with buying new. When you buy from CarSmart of Kansas City you get a vehicle that's underwent an intensive 110-point inspection and reconditioning process, backed by our own 90 day warranty. You save and get the newest of features. No matter your credit situation we'll help you get approved and find a vehicle you'll love.